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With 20+ years marketing experience, we can empower your business to reach the next level

Experts in Marketing Automation

If your business needs help generating and nurturing leads, we can help.

We are experts in marketing automation, with tried and tested processes for converting leads into customers.

We build customised campaigns, specifically designed around your business processes and requirements, enabling your business to stay in touch with leads and customers more effectively across all communications channels – all using a single inbox.

Since we started with Marketing Integration, our sales have gone up 20%! My sales guys are making less calls but closing more deals, all down to the awesome lead nurture and segmentation strategies they built for us. Highly recommended!
David Hughes
Managing Director
What We Do

CRM and Marketing Automation Working Together As One

Marketing Integration is a specialist agency who are experts in the integration of cost effective Marketing Automation solutions. We help your business stay in contact with 100% of your leads 100% of the time, empowering you to close more business and get more sales.

Capture more leads using our landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars & more!


Message leads and customers via SMS, email, FaceBook Messenger & more!


Built in tools to schedule bookings, manage your sales pipeline & track analytics!

"Marketing Integration has changed the way we do business! We now have a well segmented prospect database that is highly receptive to the email campaigns we send. It now takes us half the time to close a sale! "
Matthew Johnson
"We were really surprised how many of our visitors began using Web Chat when MI integrated it on our website. They feel like they have an instant connection with us, and we have had great success with real time two-way texting. People can book appointments right away and our bookings have never been busier!"
Emilia Adenill
"We had problems with a lot of missed sales calls and website messages not being followed up. Marketing Integration's platform fixed all that with some simple website tools that make it much easier and more convenient for our visitors to interact with us!"
Ben Dukes

Customer behaviour has changed. Are you ready to handle it?

Did you know your prospective customers are changing the way they make purchase decisions?
Marketing Integration gives you the tools to handle these changes. Our state of the art platform designed around the needs of your business is the simplest way to collect reviews, get found online, talk to customers in real time, and nurture leads on multiple communication channels, including text message.

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